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Jurij Spigin

  "So harmonious and deep unity of mind, feelings and perfected technique of play should be called the Outstanding Mastery" - after the concers of the artist wrote the newspaper "Literatura and Art".

  Jurij Spigin - the pianist - experimentalist. He has played approximately 20 solo programmes in more than 1500 concerts with the music of different styles: starting from old classic up to compositions of contemporary composers.

  Later, simultaneously with the pedagogical work at Jāzeps Mediņš Music College he has performed a lot chamber music: he has played in ensembles with the pupil of M.Rostropovich, violoncellist E.Testelets, Riga Quartet, violinist U.Sprūdžs, opera singers. When performing piano concerts he has played together with the Chief Conductor of the Latvian National Opera L.Vīgners, the Conductor of Metropolitan Opera N.Jarvi and others.

  Constantly seeking for new forms of playing music, styles and themes, Jurijs Spigins has intended and is now playing and offering the series of some concerts with the common title "The Dreams of the XX Century".

  The best known popular and jazz melodies, the so-called "evergreen" melodies, performed by the pianist in his own arrangement, are included in the program.

  The pianist has joined in it the best achievements in the classical and jazz pianism. Jurij Spigin with his manner of a proffessional pianist, which in a newspaper is described as: "In the perfofmance of the pianist there is bright, filigree piano technique, natural enthusiasm, emotionality is joined with the wide audience, which are known in the performance of F.Sinatra, E.Fitzgerald, O.Peterson, G.Miller, B.Evans, L.Armstrong and other well-known musicians.

  The pianist attained the professional level by eminent graduation from Larvian J.Vītols, at that time, State Conservatorium (ped. E.Strazdiņa, P.Pečerskis) and St.Petersburg Conservatorium two-year postgraduate course (Prof. P.Serebriakov, Prof. V.Nilsen). He has trained with Prof. Jak. Flier. One-year postgraduate course in Moscow Conservatorium.

  Jurij Sprigin is the soloist of Raimonds Pauls musical centre “Vernissage” since its opening.


  Fragment from concert:
   "Himalaji" - Jurijs Spigins (2008) (148 mb)
  Fragments from popular disc:
     "The Dreams of the XX Century"
   "The very throught of you" - Ray Nobel (2.7 mb)
   "All the way" - von Hensen (4.3 mb)
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